Well done Pastor Andrew Stock

The Herald reports:

Church ministers and leaders are heading to its Brisbane branch after more than half the congregation – including its pastor – walked out.

Bishop , who founded the church in New Zealand in 1998, is expected to be among those heading to Australia this week after the resignation of Pastor .

Members of the Destiny Church in Brisbane, who were at Sunday’s service, contacted the Herald yesterday.

It is believed Pastor Stock – who has been at the Brisbane branch pulpit for about three years – withdrew from his role because a newly introduced covenant went against his beliefs, a member said.

Standing up for your beliefs is to be praised.

The member said the covenant told members to “give it heaps” as they worked towards a $3 million project which included building a $1.3 million budget to go towards putting Bishop Tamaki on TVNZ every morning, from Monday to Friday.

The covenant also encouraged members to go without coffee, takeaways and Sky TV for up to seven months to help give more in their church tithes.

All so Archbishop Tamaki can get even richer. I bet you he won’t be going without coffee.

The church member who contacted the Herald said many in the congregation felt the covenant was going against the Gospel.

“It was a money-making scheme. All the people who make covenant with Bishop Tamaki have to buy a $300 ring.

“You might think I’m stupid for going into the church in the first place. But I [only] found out it was a cult after I went in.”

Sadly, for many it is too late by then.

The member said it was widely known that all Destiny Church pastors had to sign a contract.

In that contract, it said if they were to withdraw as a pastor they were forbidden to pastor at any other church for two years and their new church could not be less than 50km from a Destiny Church.

Never heard of God having clauses for his servants before.

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