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  1. The oldest blogger on Earth, 99 year old Elvira S Oliver, has blogged on visiting Christchurch and the wonderful time she has in Christchurch in 1964. She can’t remember the names of everywhere she went, but readers may be able to work out where they were and comment on her blog.
  2. Joshua Drummond got sick of firms not even reading his CV, so he has turned it into a comic book. Check it out – it is seriously creatively cool. Joshua is Waikato based and look for media opportunities. His comic book CV would make a good news story about how to stand out!
  3. Check out the Yike Bike. it is a battery powered bike that folds up into well a circle and fits in a shoulder bag. This is seriously cool. Like the Ford Model T it comes in black only! This will become huge I reckon.
  4. Its past April 1st, but had to highlight the Education Directions blog post on how Steven Joyce has appointed himself Chairperson of all 20 polytechnic councils. Incidentally the ED Blog is truly essential reading for anyone interested in tertiary education policies and politics.
  5. Whale blogs his own graphical media rating system.
  6. The Onion is at its wicked best with its news story on how the Catholic Church has vowed to reduce paedophilia to acceptable levels by 60% over five years to the target five children per thousand clergy.

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