Four techie things

  1. Now have a USB powered 320 GB external HD. Cost only $100 or so and it is light enough to keep with the laptop. Means I can be backing up easily daily. The old external HD was a big clunker and unreliable.
  2. Finally got my laptop bluetoothing with my Blackberry. Can now sychronise it without needing the cord. Yay.
  3. As it was on sale for $25, finally got a webcam. Will be good for skypeing with friends overseas. My curiousity got the better of me and tried chatroulette briefly. I got to see more male genitalia than even Annabel Chong could handle. Don’t think I will return!
  4. Am getting moderately excited about the iPad. While I generally prefer to read books the old fashioned way, I can see how great it will be for students who can dump all their textbooks into it. Also would be great for lengthy trips – no more having to lug a dozen books in my suitcase.

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