More Labour rankings

I blogged yesterday some rankings for Labour MPs, based on their number of PQs, releases and news stories.

Rob Salmond helpfully suggested that rather than just averaging out their ranking in each category, I should measure how from the mean each MP is in each category and average those out. I’ve done so for the table above, and I think it does give a better feel.

The MPs are ranked on their simple average. I’ve also calculated a weighted average where the number of news stories is given 1/2 weight, number of releases 1/3 weight and number of PQs 1/6th.

Some observations:

  • Goff and King now ranked 1st and 2nd, which is appropriate.
  • Mallard and Hipkins are ranked third and fourth mainly due to their high number of PQs. On the weighted average though Hipkins is ranked lower
  • On the weighted average Charles Chauvel and Phil Twyford are 4th and 5th
  • Ashraf Choudhary, Rajen Prasad and Raymond Huo are still ranked as the bottom three

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