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  1. David Garrett on the 2nd reading of the three strikes law and how Parekura claimed poor brown people will be locked up for stealing food for their families.
  2. Whale has audio of the two of us talking to Larry Williams on TV3’s lack of apology over their fake Paula Bennett story.
  3. Madeleine Flannagan blogs about the conviction of her former partner (and father of two eldest children) for rape, and her own protection orders against Travis Burrell. My sympathies go out to her, and her kids, for having to cope with this. There are lessons to other women in realising early that you should not tolerate domestic violence – or worse. Madeleine has been in court as a support person to his latest victim.
  4. Eric Crampton highlights the lack of analysis over the tobacco tax rise.
  5. Andrew Bolt excoriates Kevin Rudd
  6. Michael Moore has some advice for girls on how to get into a nightclub underage. Might be needed here, if they raise the age.
  7. Iain Dale blogs on how the Lib Dems were responsible for 73 of the 75 donations not reported on time to the Electoral Commission. Reminds me of how the Greens here also didn’t disclose donations in the time required by the very law they championed.

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