IRD moves online

The Herald reports:

Taxpayers’ business with the Inland Revenue Department will be mainly done online within two years.

The switch from letters will deliver “substantial” savings but may also cost jobs and raise privacy issues.

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne yesterday said the Government was seeking public feedback on proposed “major” changes “to simplify the tax system and make it easier for people to manage their tax affairs”.

Proposals include allowing people to “self-manage” most of their tax and social assistance entitlements such as Working for Families using a secure area on the ’s website in a process akin to internet banking.

This will be useful and popular. Those with student loan balances should be able to go in and see how much is still owing, make a deposit etc. Also from what I understand you will be able to see at any time how much tax you have paid that year through PAYE, and how much you should have paid overall.

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