Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club

Scrubone blogs:

I’m stunned at the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club’s vote to ban all head coverings.

Before now, the policy could have been put down to a historical quirk, where all gentelmen were expected to doff their bowler hats at the door. Having it pointed out that this quirk discriminated against members of the Sikh religion, one expected to see it removed.

But the club has endorsed it. Having done so, they deliberately done something that will discriminate against a certain group of people. This effectively has moved the rule from the status of a quirk, to being full-on, all-out racism.

I agree. I would be ashamed to be a member of such a club. Of course they have the right to discriminate, but people have the right to criticise their discrimination.

What really surprises me is that this is a club in Manurewa – which has a significant Indian and hence Sikh population.What a great way to offend a significant proportion of your community.

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