Q+A Tomorrow

Guyon Espiner interviews Sir Geoffrey Palmer at the International Whaling Commission conference in Agadir. It’s crunch time for the IWC as negotiations go long into the night – can they do a deal to allow limited commercial whaling? Will that save more whales? Or will it open the door and betray years of conservation efforts?

Guyon also talks to Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson. Is the foreshore and seabed deal done this week an end to the controversy or just the end of the beginning? How will the new law work and how will it affect us all?

Paul Holmes interviews newly promoted MPs Grant Roberston and Charles Chauvel.  Can they help the party re-connect with voters? Has Labour put the spending scandal behind it with its new blood?

Dr Therese Arseneau is joined by Tainui Chair and former MP Tuku Morgan and Unite General Secretary and columnist Matt McCarten on the panel.

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