Vival video fail

at Education Directions blogs:

The released a video over the weekend apparently criticising Bill English, Anne Tolley and Steven Joyce but it really does have some dire dialogue. The 50 second video revolves around some PPTA protestors holding up signs like “Education for All” which are finally ignored by the Ministers turning out the lights. I challenge any reader, outside PPTA head office, to watch it and try to convince me that the video isn’t just a waste of money. It costs money to create video, but the dialogue is uninspiring and there is no real point to it. I expect better arguments from the PPTA, even if I’m unlikely to agree with them.

The CTU had some pretty funny attack videos before the last election. I certainly can appreciate a good attack video, if done with humour or impact. But I agree with Dave, this one from the PPTA is really rather sad.

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