A part-time candidate

Vernon Small reports:

Labour Party president has confirmed he will seek the party’s nomination for the marginal seat. …

If selected he would use accumulated leave and leave without pay to campaign one day a week initially,  stepping up to full time campaigning six weeks out from the election.

Goodness, one day a week until the final six weeks is at the light end. I guess Andrew knows he will have a high list spot also to fall back on.

Most candidates who actually win seats off incumbent MPs go full-time six to nine months out.

He would quit as party president as early as next May and leave his union job if he was elected.

I guess one of the Vice-Presidents will become Acting President?

Interesting that Andrew will remain in his job as the EPMU will no doubt be running an “independent” anti-National election campaign. So Andrew will be in charge of the EPMU’s independent campaign against National, and be campaigning for Labour as a candidate.

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