Gisborne Police venerate George Orwell

The Herald reports:

Minister has urged Gisborne police and to sit down and work out a solution to a dispute in over law enforcement’s decision to stop giving reporters details of crimes in the area.

groups have criticised a move to restrict information on crime available to journalists and the public in Gisborne,

But boss Inspector Sam Aberahama says the move is intended to make the community feel safer.

So Inspector Plod think his job is to make the community feel safer by concealing news on crime from the news and the public.

Can I make the radical suggestion that the community would feel safer if the prevented crime from occurring, rather than merely preventing the reporting of said crime.

UPDATE: I am informed the original story didn’t cover the salient fact of exactly what change the have made. They are still releasing news to the media, they just no longer have a journalist attend their daily staff briefing – a practice that was unique to Gisborne. While I still think the comments of the Inspector are stupid and deserve clobbering, I do think it is reasonable to not have present at staff meetings.

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