Labour’s balanced transport policy

’s Darien Fenton has said:

“Labour would support the lowering of the alcohol limit, because anything that will save lives on our roads is worth doing,” says Ms Fenton.

So we know what to look forward to if Labour get elected. Labour have said they will support anything that will save lives. Therefore I expect we will see:

  • A maximum speed limit of 30 km/hr. This will save hundreds of lives.
  • All cars to be fitted with technology which restricts speed to 30 km/hr
  • A doubling of petrol tax as pushing poor people off the roads will mean less traffic crashes.
  • A zero blood alcohol limit for all motorists
  • Carless Days, like under Muldoon, This should reduce the by one seventh.
  • An offence to eat or drink while driving, as this can cause distractions
  • An offence to change the radio station while driving

What other policies can you think of for Labour, with their declaration that anything that will save lives on our roads is worth doing?

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