Recovery Day

There are occassional days when I think the Law Commission may have got it right on the evils of alcohol. These days always occur the day after I hit town with Cactus Kate, and today is one of them.

The day started at lunchtime and ended up in town close to 2 am.

It’s not so much the damage to my liver which concerns me – it is the damage to my wallet. I am sure we personally lifted Auckland’s GDP by around 1% yesterday.

Half a dozen of us had lunch and drinks at Soul. We we trying to see if six of us at Soul could spend more than Parekura Horomia at a Chinese restaurant. We managed it, but it was a close thing.

Cactus ended up having to tip the waiter a three figure sum as way of compensation for Whale’ amusing but inappropriate “banter” with said waiter. The highlight was the waiter telling Whale to get fucked :-). The tip should ensure we are allowed back there again.

Astonishingly Whale was not the worst behaved person yesterday. That came later in the evening in the form of a well known Auckland A-lister. I’ve never seen anyone offend and terrorise other party goers so well 🙂

I also learnt a useful lesson. If you have been drinking champagne non stop for eleven hours, and then it runs out, swapping to straight vodka is a very bad idea.

Anyway am close to recovered now and meeting more friends tonight. Have to get my fun in now just in case the Government goes all nanny state on us, and actually implements the Law Commission’s recommendations!

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