Thank you very much for your kind donations

National has just disclosed two over $20,000 donations, as required by law.

Last month Suzhen Zhou of Bucklands Beach donated $50,000 and Antoines Restaurant donated a whopping $105,000.

The Dom Post reports why:

The gift from Parnell’s Antoine’s Restaurant was made in June and disclosed under rules requiring any donations of more than $20,000 to be publicly disclosed within 10 working days of a party receiving them.

Mr Key lives about three blocks away from the restaurant.

Asked the reason for his largesse, restaurant owner said Mr Key was a customer he had known for several years.

“Well, I just love the prime minister. I’ve never really been a person to give money to parties, but I decided this time I would. We need them back again, we don’t need those other pretenders.”

I hope John tips well the next time he dines there!

Ms Zhou and her parter also donated $200,000 to aid relief after the Sichuan earthquake in 2008.

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