The boy who cried wolf

The Herald reports:

The Government is planning to allow all companies to have 90-day trials for new workers and wants to give employers the power to keep unions out of the workplace.

Unions say the proposals are outrageous and an attack on workers’ rights.

The present scheme – restricted to firms with 20 staff or fewer – lets bosses take on workers on trial for up to 90 days.

The unions of course predicted all sorts of massive abuses when the scheme came in for smaller employers. Since then, a total silence. Where are the scores and scores of examples of terrible abuses? Sure the scheme has been used (that is why it was introduced), but have there been any cases of bosses sacking new workers because they wouldn’t sleep with the boss etc – as predicted by the unions?

Grievance free trial periods are common in OECD countries, and they encourage employment – especially of employees whose backgrounds may make it harder to be given a go.

One News reported last night that the Government plans to extend the scheme to all companies. It is also looking to let employers deny unions access to the workplace on reasonable grounds – a plan that appals Labour and the unions.

Union leaders vowed to fight the changes and Labour Phil Goff promised to scrap the 90-day scheme altogether if Labour regained power.

What the Herald doesn’t mention regarding the access to workplaces, is it was explicit 2008 election for National.

UPDATE: My bad. The Herald did in fact state that in the article. I just didn’t see it.

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