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The Dom Post reports:

Taxi price wars are erupting in as small companies try to stay afloat after being shunted out of the lucrative airport trade.

Two companies have cut their prices in the past two weeks and more are promising to follow suit.

The companies are angry about a Wellington Airport decision to allocate a priority taxi spot to market leader Wellington Combined, relegating competitors to an outer lane where business is scarce.

“This is a retaliation,” Kiwi Cabs spokesman Logan Pithyou said. “We’re fighting back by lowering our prices. If this doesn’t work out, the company will go bust and many other small companies will too.”

I always use Wellington Combined, unless I am in town and can’t find one. The reasons I do are:

  1. Quality of cars is good
  2. Drivers speak English and know where common locations are
  3. They use an electronic payment system, so easy to pay with taxicard
  4. They turn up fairly quickly when called

I will use Corporate Cabs also, but avoid almost all other firms.

Having said that, I can be price sensitive like most people. I would like to know how much I could save if I used another firm.

It would be a great public service if someone created a page showing all the firms in a city, and their tariffs. Ideally an average rating from users also – but just a price comparison would be really good.

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