15 years not enough

The Herald reports:

The man who murdered undercover police officer Sergeant Don Wilkinson has been jailed for at least fifteen years.

On June 12 a jury found John Skinner guilty of murdering Sergeant Wilkinson during a covert police operation in September 2008.

Skinner was under police surveillance as a suspected P manufacturer and shot Sergeant Wilkinson with a powerful air rifle after catching him trying to install a tracking device on his Ford Explorer.

Janet Wilson summed this up wonderfully on NewstalkZB yesterday. She said it was not self defence, but quite the opposite – Skinner hunted down Wilkinson and the other office, and shot them like dogs.

It was an execution. I don’t think someone who chases someone in their car, and when catches up to them shoots them multiple times until they are dead is the sort of person who will ever rehabilitate.

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