Roy on Ewing-Jarvie

The Herald reports:

Act MP Heather Roy said last night she was extremely disappointed to learn her former ministerial adviser Simon Ewing-Jarvie leaked the notes for last week’s caucus meeting to the media.

I’m glad Heather is disappointed. But was she surprised? Who else could it have been?

Mrs Roy said last night: “I do not condone the leaking of documents in any circumstances and was extremely disappointed and angry when I discovered last Friday that Simon Ewing-Jarvie had leaked my notes for last Tuesday’s meeting.

It took until Friday to work it out?

Commenting on innuendo about her friendship with Dr Ewing-Jarvie, Mrs Roy told the Herald in a statement: “I am not and never have had an inappropriate relationship (affair) with Simon Ewing-Jarvie.”

This matches a comment made yesterday on Kiwiblog by someone obviously close to them:

Don’t do yourself a disservice by implicating anything inappropriate in the Roy-Ewing-Jarvie relationship.

The two families have been friends for years – spouses and children included. In fact, you’ll struggle to find two more ‘functional’ family units in the country.

Heather Roy did stay at the Ewing-Jarvie home on Friday night – along with Simon’s wife and daughter! In fact, it occurred because Heather’s husband had called her to tell her not to return home, because its was surrounded by media.

The sad thing for Heather is the leaking of the dossier by Ewing-Jarvie has destroyed her politically. I doubt she would now make the top 20 on the party list, as ranked by members. The feedback I am getting from them is they just want to move on and unite the party.

The time has come for people in ACT to place the party ahead of their egos. Having ACT disappear just makes a Green/Labour Government more likely.

ACT are lucky that voters in Epsom are smart, and they understand the value having ACT in Parliament brings to National. But that is not unconditional – ACT need to look like they can bring in at least three or more MPs, to make it worthwhile to vote tactically. Now they only need to be at 2% or so to get at least three MPs, so they can remain viable after this.

But if the infighting continues, then the beneficiary of it all will be Deputy Prime Minister Russel Norman!

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