Schönbrunn Palace

On Wednesday we want out to Schönbrunn Palace, which was the summer palace of the Habsburgs.

This is the Palace from the front entrance. They have a tour of the state rooms, which are well worth doing. Sadly no photos allowed from inside.

Behind the Palace, are the magnificent gardens. These are free to enter, and are quite massive.

These are the Roman Ruins. Not actual roman ruins, but created in 1778 as a symbol of the decline of power.

And this is the Obelisk Fountain. I wanted to ask if there was one for Asterix 🙂

At the top of the hill, is the Gloriette. There is a small charge to climb up the staircase to the top, where you get wonderful views.

The natural pool behind the Gloriette.

The rear of the Palace, from the Gloriette.

The main grounds behind the palace, as seen from the main fountain.

The Neptune Fountain. It is majestic. Every garden needs one!

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