The great NBR Veuve scandal!

NBR is running a competition to win your weight in Veuve Clicuot.

My mate Busted Blonde is in equal first place. Most of the VRWC are backing Busted as Busted winning means more Veuve than anyone else winning 🙂

We also like her idea of a picnic on Frank Kitts Lagoon, as what she would do with it, if she wins.

So I’m backing Busted Blonde, and urge readers to follow the link and vote for her.

What is interesting is the person who is in equal first place with her. He has a lovely story:

Verve is my partners favourite drop of bubbles so since I have gone 18 years and not actually married her (make her and honest woman etc) I think I would call up Stu and Sem at The Wharf over on Aucklands North Shore and have a quiet family wedding

However Detective Whale has been at work.

First he discovers that the contestant quoted above has his status on Facebook as married. Whoops.

And then in another post, he details how the venue he mentioned is one of his clients which is a wee bit astro-turfing.

Whale even has discovered his weight, and reckons voting Busted will mean NBR forks over an extra dozen bottles or so 🙂