The Thomas/Farmer e-mails

The Herald has put online 50 pages of e-mails related to the complaints, between former Judge and QC .

They are a fascinating read, and quite extraordinary – especially as the friendship gets strained on the issue of Justice Wilson. The Herald summarises:

As time passed and Sir Edmund pressed Dr Farmer to come forward, the emails between the two good friends became strained.

When Dr Farmer suggested that Sir Edmund might have leaked information to a controversial blogger, the retired judge replied that the comment made him “unbelievably angry”.

“I note that you are distressed. You sound like Weatherston,” Sir Edmund wrote, referring to Clayton Weatherston, the man found guilty of killing Sophie Elliott.

“We are all distressed. Those who have expressly used the word ‘sick’ to describe how they felt about this whole sorry business include you, me, the Chief Justice and the Attorney-General. To make matters worse, it is a distress that could have been avoided if Alan had followed your original advice and tabled the true facts with the Chief Justice at the outset.”

The blogsite they refer to is the one by Vince Siemer.

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