Got to Vienna Sunday afternoon and we headed to the apartment we had booked. It’s on the 5th floor of Zedlitzgasse, which is in District 1 – the central district (Innere Stadt) surrounded by the Ringstraße.

Even better, we discovered the apartment is in a superb location – just two blocks basically from the Stephansdom.

It is so large, it is difficult to fit it all in the one photo. It is a truly imposing creation, and dominates Vienna.

A close up of one the many artworks around the exterior of the cathedral. This is of St. John Capistrano.

This scene is at the external rear of the cathedral. You can spend an hour just walking around the outside looking at the pieces.

The high altar, inside. There’s a lot to see, including extensive catacombs.

You can ascend two of the towers. This is a photo of the horses and carriages out front, from the tower. Definitely worth going up for magnificent views of Vienna.

One of the 23 bells at the cathedral. The largest one weights 23,000 kgs.

The tube stations is outside the Stephansdom, so we end up walking past the cathedral several times a day.

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