An anti-obesity promotion that does not involve the food police

Once again has their annual gym membership promotion. Details are:

  • 40 to 70% off for 1st time gym members, or someone who hasn’t been a member for 12 months (can buy for a friend, but check that they aren’t a current member 1st!)
  • 100+ gyms nationwide
  • 3, 6 and 12 month memberships avail at most gyms
  • limited # of subsidised membership at each facility, and some sell out fast
  • No government money involved. 🙂

And even better, Kiwiblog readers can obtain a further 10% discount on your membership if you use the special code “Blog57″ (without the quotes). This means you will be getting 50% to 80% off effectively.

So if you have been wanting to join a gym, this is a good time.

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