Campaigning for votes in Mana in Australia

Phil Quinn blogs:

Embattled nominee has taken to Radio Australia to press his case.  Radio Australia.

Is this poor guy getting the worst political advice since someone told Napoleon to invade Russia in winter?

First, they are in such a rush to shunt him into Mana, his backers have appointed his replacement in the leader’s office before he has even won the nomination.  Next, they send him to a [meet] the candidate’s Q&A forum ill-prepared and underwhelming.  Now the global PR strategy:  ”Here’s an idea, Kris:  the locals in Mana think you’re a fly-by-nighter and a carpetbagger — do as many interviews with foreign broadcasters as you can!”

I have given a lot of poorly conceived advice to politicians over the years, but — by and large — I was intoxicated at the time.  What is their excuse?

Quinn’s post has me trying to think of what was the worst advice I ever gave while intoxicated? Sadly, I can’t recall 🙂

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