Carter still only nominee for Te Atatu

The Herald reports:

He declined to be interviewed yesterday, but said in text messages that he still considered himself a MP.

Another story reports that he considers himself to be in dispute only with , not with Labour.

He is the only nominee for the Labour ticket for Te Atatu for the next election, but nominations are open until October 8.

Only 15 days to go.

It is understood there is some pressure from local Labour members and constituents for him to stay on as the Labour nomination.

Mr Goff said that Mr Carter appeared to have recovered as he was back in Parliament, and he should now front up to the council to defend his case if he wanted to stay in the party.

I will make a rare prediction. I do not believe the Labour Party Council will expel as a member. Why? Helen has told them not to, and it is still her party.

Helen has let it be known that Labour is Chris’ life, and it would be cruel to expel him when he has spent his life working for Labour.

What is most likely to happen is Carter will be suspended – probably for 18 months, or maybe indefinitely. And after the 2011 election the suspension will be lifted.

That will be a massive slap in the face for Goff.

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