Carter and Goff reunited

Stuff reports:

Former Labour MP Chris Carter is to represent the party which once ousted him, in this year’s local body elections.
Carter will stand as one of eight Labour team members for Auckland Council’s Henderson-Massey Local Board.

I am sure he will get elected.

His parliamentary career ended in controversy, ironically under the Labour Party leadership of Phil Goff, who is now Auckland’s mayor.
Carter and two other MP’s were demoted by Goff in June 2010 after the release of credit card records for ministers in the former Labour government showed personal spending, and Goff criticised the MPs’ travel costs.
The rift deepened a month later over a letter he circulated about fellow MPs questioning Goff’s leadership, and he was expelled in July from caucus and in October, the party.

Presumably his membership has been restored.

I quite like the idea of Goff and Carter as sort of colleagues again, if they are both elected.