An increasingly thuggish Government

I don’t think it would be unfair to conclude that the current Government is displaying arguably the most thuggish behaviour we have seen, since Muldoon’s time.

Look at what we have so far:

  1. Shane Jones threatening to smear a journalist who reports on his conflicts of interest
  2. Ron Mark telling a veterans group they have a responsibility to vote for NZ First as he got them funding
  3. Shane Jones pressuring the SFO to go hard on National
  4. A NZ First Minister sending a backbencher in to tell an electorate MP to withdraw from involvement in a community project or it won’t get funded
  5. Shane Jones attacking the head of Spark for making a statement on the GCSB blocking their use of Huawei, despite the fact Spark was 100% obliged by NZX rules to disclose market sensitive information and hence had no choice

The Prime Minister says that she thinks politics needs to be more kind. Yet she does nothing about Ministers who act like thugs.

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