Do you need a hand in Christchurch

Tom Young, who is working with , on the student volunteer clean-up of affected properties has e-mailed:

At the moment we basically have the problem that we have a lot of volunteers willing and able to help, but not enough jobs to do. I’m just wondering if any of your readers know of any properties in the Christchurch region that need a hand, we`re predominately moving silt and other related rubbish from properties. If your readers know of any properties which have this sort of damage we can help if they email, describing the problem, their address and a contact number. If no-one is home it would be good if the owners put a note on the door giving permission for us to do the work as well.

So if any readers are in Christchurch, and would like some student help, or know someone who would – just e-mail Sam.

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