has just done a press release (not online yet):

Ministers will have extra flexibility to consider a wider range of issues – including large-scale ownership of farmland – when assessing overseas investment applications for sensitive land, Finance Minister Bill English says.

At the same time, a new ministerial directive letter to the Overseas Investment Office will provide extra clarity and certainty for potential investors about the Government’s general approach to in sensitive assets.

“In recent months, ministers have carefully reviewed the current framework for considering overseas investment applications – particularly in light of issues with respect to farmland ownership,” Mr English says.

“Overall, the measures I’m announcing today strike an appropriate balance. They increase ministerial flexibility to consider a wide range of issues when assessing overseas investments in sensitive land, while at the same time they provide extra clarity and certainty for potential investors and the Overseas Investment Office.”

Ha. In my experience wider criteria to decline an application on, will lead to less clarity and certainty for potential investors.

But I guess it will keep the NZ First potential voters happy. I understadn the politics, but don’t like the economics.

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