Lying lowlife

A couple of days ago it was reported that , who owned the number plate “ARYAN1”:

She said she had no idea what “Aryan” meant and the apparent nod to Adolf Hitler’s “master” race actually referred to her former boyfriend – Andrew Ryan.

I was a bit suspicious of this claim, and so was the Dominion Post who did some nice investigating:

A woman who claims that her personalised licence plate “ARYAN1” is the initial and surname of a former boyfriend has links to white supremacist groups and is backed by the .

Upper Hutt mother Lisa Marie Thompson – who has references to neo-Nazi white-power organisation Blood & Honour on a personal webpage – has denied being racist.

The Facebook page of the body piercer, seamstress and mother of three includes “friends” posing before swastika flags and claiming allegiance to “white nationalist” skinhead groups such as Crew 38 and Hammerskin Nation.

And final proof:

An Upper Hutt woman said she had trespassed Ms Thompson from her home and a former workplace because of concerns about her behaviour.

“Once she was yelling out, `You’re a nigger – dirty abo.’

“She’s always hassling me, at work, at home. I’ve called the police on her multiple times.

“She knows exactly what `Aryan’ means. She’s the most racist person I know.”

A former boyfriend said Ms Thompson – who works part-time at an Upper Hutt tattoo parlour – was prejudiced against “everyone who’s not really her kind”.

Her kind being bigoted lowlife. I feel very sorry for her kids. Growing up with a mother who hates, can warp you. On the other hand, sometimes it will push them in the other direction – they’ll be determined not to end up like the mother.

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