Oh shit

Matt McCarten writes:

It can be boring when someone talks about themselves. Today I’ll take the risk.

I know I get into scraps and sometimes overstep the mark in clipping my opponents – and there’s always a few of them waiting impatiently for my demise.

They may not have to wait too much longer. I was diagnosed a year ago with the killing kind of cancer.

I’m only sharing this as the news seems to be getting out and some people seem to think I’ll soon be taking to my bed and softening my political views.

No such luck, I’m afraid. Most cancer sufferers think they can beat the odds. Why should I be any different?

Again, words are so inadequate. I both like and respect and am incredibly saddened by his news.

I hope Matt stays around to see a Labour/Green Government elected. I reckon that is on track for 2020, so no skivvying off before then 🙂

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