Our first Gerryorder

has made his first “gerryorder” as our Supreme Overlord. Contrary to rumours he has not jailed John Key and given himself the keys to the Treasury.

His gerryorder#1 extends Civil Defence powers until 29 November 2010. Specifically it maintains (despite the state of emergency being over) their ability to:

  • evacuate, and to exclude persons or vehicles from, premises and places (including public places)
  • enter on, and if necessary break into, premises and places
  • make available prohibitions or restrictions on public access, with or without vehicles, to roads and public places
  • make available powers to remove (and if necessary for that purpose to use force or break into) aircraft, vessels, vehicles
  • make available powers to requisition property
  • make available powers to direct or request persons to stop certain activities or to take certain actions
  • make available powers to examine, mark, seize, sample, secure, disinfect, or destroy any property, animal, or any other thing

The Supreme Overlord denies that he will be ordering the compulsory disinfecting of Opposition MPs in Canterbury.

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