Some changes to the demerits system

I’ve been so busy the last couple of months that I’ve not had time to update the demerits table. This is actually a quite slow process as I was recording the date of every infringement etc.

To make it a more manageable job, I’ve set up a demerits spreadsheet, and will just copy and paste this to the demerits page.

The good news for those with a history of demerits, is I have wiped all current demerits, as I have been failing to keep the table up to date.

At of today, everyone is at zero demerits. However those who have previously has suspensions, still have that history – ie if they get suspended again, it will be for more than one week.

The bad news for those who become abusive or disruptive, is that it is going to be easier for people to report such behaviour:

If you see a comment that you think is highly abusive, then feel free to report it by sending an e-mail to The e-mail should include a link to the specific comment (if you click on the date/time of the comment, this will bring it up in the address bar).

I do not have time to read every thread, let alone every comment. So your help in maintaining standards is appreciated. I also do not have time to respond to every complaint – they will all be considered, and you’ll see below whether or not I decide demerits are warranted. Generally I won’t respond individually.

I am going to be putting a few minutes aside every evening to review any complaints, and decide if any action is required. The dedicated e-mail address will ensure they don’t disappear in the black hole that is my main inbox.

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