What to do if someone burns 200 Korans?

Appropriate Responses

  1. Burn 200 bibles
  2. Ignore the rantings of a church with only 50 members, of which only 20 are taking part, who only want publicity
  3. Peaceful protest
  4. Condemnation by other religious figures
  5. Do nothing

Inappropriate Responses

  1. Jihad
  2. Turning the media stunt of a dozen demented nutters into the biggest global news story on the planet
  3. Blaming the US Government
  4. Idiot news presenters asking whether the Government will stop the event
  5. Making Koran (or bible) burning a criminal offence
  6. Any threats of violence
  7. Having the UN Secretary-General call the proposed burning “intolerable”

I note that the pastor, Terry Jones, has also said he plans to burn a copy of the Talmud. I doubt that will generate 0.1% of the stories that buring a Koran does.

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