A Deadly Review

Went to see Deadly at Downstage tonight. Beforehand at The Tasting Room, Auckland Girl asked me what it was about.

My response was “a man, a woman, seven deadly sins and acrobatics”.

And in a way that does sum the production up. This was not a traditional play with a plot. In fact there was no dialogue at all (well not in English).

This is not a play to bring the kiddies to. It is very sensual, almost erotic. The first segment has the two performers nibbling and almost devouring each other – it was like an extended foreplay session – but in a very artful way.

The male performer, Rodrigo Osis, has abs that would have even the Queen Mother drooling. And his partner, Virginia Molina, also has a wonderfully crafted body. They do amazing feats of strength on the poles, ropes and swings – at one stage Osis holds himself up purely by wrapping his foot and ankle around the pole.

It was quite a challenge working out for each segment, which of the seven sins they were on. If you attend, you may want to make sure you know them all in advance!

The overall performance is just over an hour, and it was hugely enjoyable. A definite recommendation for couples to go see and enjoy.

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