A great student prank

The Herald reports on this ODT story:

Hamish Chang has revenge on his mind, after returning home to his student flat in Dunedin to find his every worldly possession tightly wrapped in tinfoil.

The prank was sprung by Mr Chang’s flatmates when he arrived home on Sunday to his George St flat from a week in Christchurch and pushed open the door to his bedroom.

Inside was the gleaming, shiny handiwork that had taken his five flatmates – and another friend – more than a week, 600m of foil and 30 hours of labour to complete.

No matter how big or small, hardly a single item of Mr Chang’s property had escaped the tinfoil treatment – from the walls and ceiling to his desk, bed and pillows, and even the individual pins holding up the posters on his walls.

That is true dedication to a prank. In my days at Otago we just uses newspaper, but thinking about it, tin foil is easier and looks better!

A reader managed to locate the You Tube. Worth a watch.

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