Brislen to head TUANZ


TUANZ is pleased to announce that has accepted the role of Chief Executive, starting in the new year.

Paul has been both an observer and participant in the telco sector for the past decade, first as a journalist and commentator and lately as the corporate communications manager at Vodafone New Zealand.

“We’re delighted to welcome Paul in as the new Chief Executive. He’s got a wealth of experience in the telecommunications sector and has long been a champion of the user. He’s got a long history with TUANZ, having contributed a chapter to the ‘Survival of the Fastest’ and the ‘Broadband Reloaded’ blueprint for the digital era,” says TUANZ Chair, Pat O’Connell.

Paul says he’s looking forward to the challenge.

“Telecommunications is vitally important to New Zealand’s economic development and I’m relishing the opportunity to do what I can to help the industry along. It’s a vibrant, dynamic, exciting industry and I’m looking forward to jumping in with both feet.”

This is a superb appointment. Paul as a former Computerworld editor was a great champion of the consumer, and a polished performer on TV etc.

Paul is also of the nicest guys around, and will be able to advocate for TUANZ very effectively, and be able to work with those whose views may diverge from his.

The TUANZ Board have done well to lure Paul away from Vodafone, and I think TUANZ will proper under Paul’s leadership.

On a private note, I am looking forward to hearing Paul submit on the merits of mobile termination rate regulation 🙂

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