Carter’s threat

The Herald on Sunday reports:

Outspoken MP is writing a “kiss and tell” book about ’s nine years in power.

The autobiography is to be in bookshops next year just as the election campaign begins.

An autobiography, no doubt scheduled for release the day of Labour’s campaign launch. Carter is again showing the political cunning he used to be renowned for.

Otago University lecturer Bryce Edwards said a book by Carter would have difficulty exposing too many Labour secrets because of his friendship with former leader and Prime Minister Helen Clark.

“He will know where the bodies are buried – but every body will have the DNA of Helen Clark on it.”

I suspect Helen will have some sort of editing veto!

The Herald on Sunday has learned Random House is the publisher – and that the deal was discussed after involvement from author and outgoing Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey.

Carter said “should Goff and I be reconciled – unlikely but possible – then the book will have to wait until I retire”.

Now that is a blatant threat. If you kick me out, I will spend the entire election campaign reminding people of all the stuff people hated about the last Labour Government.

I would not underestimate how damaging the book could be. Carter can reveal how Goff voted in Cabinet on every major issue, and even quotes from Helen as to what she really thinks of Goff.

The news came as the Labour Party’s Te Atatu branch prepared to confirm Carter as its candidate for the election – handing party leadership a headache as the national board prepares to kick him out for good.

Carter said the local electorate committee was “totally supportive” of him and had passed a resolution that it wanted him as the candidate for Te Atatu, posing a likely tricky situation with head office party brass.

The final day for nominations is on Friday and no other candidates have emerged.

I do not believe Carter will be the candidate, but neither do I think Goff has the ability to get him expelled. My prediction is a suspension which means Carter will be back once Goff goes.

Carter said he “had not considered” running as an independent even though encouraged by supporters to do so.

Herald on Sunday inquiries last week found strong support for Carter in his Te Atatu base and across Auckland. Local party workers and Labour voters in Te Atatu – and on other local electorate committees – backed Carter as a Labour member.

In the context “had not considered” means “yet”. Would Labour lose Te Atatu if Carter runs as an Indepndent? Probably.

Carter’s initial strategy against Goff, with the letter to the press gallery had the political savvy of a retarded five year old. But since that blew up, his political savvy of old has returned – not so much with regard to his own reputation, but with regard to blocking Goff.

Don’t think Carter is totally isolated. Spies have reported that he has been seen at least twice talking to other Labour MPs – despite being officially expelled from Caucus. They don’t approve of what he did with the letter, but they don’t want him expelled from the party he has spent his life working for.

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