Meet the Buttons from Christchurch

A nice story from . First has been elected Deputy Mayor:

Christchurch City councillor Ngaire Button has no illusions about the hard task ahead of her after being elected deputy mayor.

Button beat fellow councillor Chrissie Williams to the role by 10 votes to four yesterday at the first meeting of the newly elected council. …

Button won the vote after a personal and passionate speech to councillors, holding her nephew, Jayden Hitchens, on her hip for most of it.

She spoke of her years as a solo mother raising five daughters and how she disappointed her father when she told him she was pregnant at the age of 17.

“My dad said to me I have ruined my life … He was so disappointed in the life choices I had made.”

However, she was determined to rebuild and succeed.

“I struggled on the domestic purposes benefit and raised them while I studied law.”

Raising five daughters as a solo mum, while also studying law is damn impressive.

And the daughters seem to have turned out okay. This is Ngaire and her daughter Anna:

For as The Press reports:

Anna, 18, has been given her first taste of local government politics by being voted on to that ward’s community board.

Also impressive to win an election at so young an age.

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