Not reliable

The Herald reports:

A former officer and MP says he was pressured by the police commissioner of the day to change important evidence to the Crewe Royal Commission to suit the police case.

The moment I read this paragraph I worked out who the person is, and my first instinct is not to place any reliance on what he says.

told the Weekend Herald that on the morning he gave evidence to the 1980 commission, Police Commissioner Bob Walton tried to persuade him he had not thoroughly searched the Crewes’ garden. …

Mr Meurant said the duty inspector, Phil Keber, saw him come out of the meeting.

“Phil said to me, ‘Geez, you’re white, Meurant, what happened there?’ and when I told him, he was as disgusted as me.”

Mr Keber told the Weekend Herald he had no recollection of the matter Mr Meurant describes. Mr Walton and Mr Wilkinson have died.

People can come to their own conclusions.

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