Pick on someone who can fight back

The HoS reports:

Radio host has come under fire for calling Governor-General Sir a “large, fat man” who has “never left” the buffet table.

His bosses at RadioLive have also been slammed – for saying they are comfortable with the remarks.

At least one complaint from a high-profile sporting personality has been laid with the Race Relations Commissioner, Joris de Bres.

De Bres and media commentator Brian Edwards said they were appalled by the crass comments, which lacked good taste and decency.

They may not be racist,but they are lacking in decency. Sir Anand has performed his duties very well, and without controversy. He has done nothing to deserve such nastiness. And especially nasty is the fact that unlike most NZers, Sir Anand can not respond.

There have been some former GGs I have had misgivings about – the ones who take stances on political issues. But Sir Anand has behaved as impartially and neutrally as you would expect from a former Judge and Ombudsman.

By coincidence I got to meet Sir Anand a couple of days after his appointment was announced, as I was the guest speaker at the Wellington Central Rotary Club, of which he is (and remains) a member. It was very obvious he was held in high esteem by the club members, who were of course delighted with his appointment.

With the combination of Henry and Laws, I’m tempted to say that perhaps the PM should just re-appoint Sir Anand to a second five-year term.

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