Sounds like a good trial

NZPA report:

A court has been told two blondes got into a fight in a bar, drinks were thrown, glasses were smashed and blood was spilled – all over who looked better in a dress.

Victoria Clapham, 22, wore a silver dress given to her by her friend Matthew Vibert and his mother to the former Temperance Bar in Wellington on November 28 – unaware that he had previously given the dress to another woman.

Its first owner, Bridget Masters, 20, Mr Vibert’s former girlfriend was also at the bar and sparks flew when they met in the toilets, The Dominion Post reported.

Ms Clapham told Wellington District Court Masters was first to throw a drink and she retaliated by chucking her vodka on Masters.

The clash escalated when Masters smashed her tall glass on Ms Clapham’s head.

Ms Clapham’s face and chest were covered with blood and she needed stitches for cuts to her chest.

Masters has pleaded not guilty to injuring with intent to wound.

The trial continues today.

I would have sat in on the media bench for this trial, if I had been aware of the details! I wonder if they do re-enactments in court?

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