Threats are wrong but beware exagerrations

The Herald reports:

Actresses and unionists have received threats, including some against their lives, during the heated row over The Hobbit movie.

Police have been called and private security arranged for some of those targeted.

Anyone making death threats should receive a visit from the Police – at a minimum. But I am sceptical of believing that death threats have been made, just because says so – they have a record of lying and exaggeration.

Remember Helen Kelly’s lynch mob – led by gentle Richard Taylor.

Remember the Matterhorn incident which was described as needing a Police escort, and turned out to simply be a guy with a video camera politely asking Whipp why he targeted the Hobbit.

Nowhere in the story do they quote an actual threat – just the MEAA saying they had received them. Why do journalists not ask for details to back up claims?

Finally I recall the words of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who could be called an expert on death threats – she has to live 24/7 with Police protection. She said that “I am coming to kill you” is a death threat while “I hope you die” is constitutionally protected speech. Now I certainly do not endorse the latter sentiments against any New Zealander, but even if people have said them – that is not a death threat.

Of course we can’t judge in this case, as we have no details – just MEAA claims.

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