Who will be Deputy Mayor of Auckland?

gets to pick the Deputy Mayor, and off memory the Committee Chairs. Who will he pick?

Mike Lee is a contender. However he was a potential rival to Len, and as a former ARC Chair may find it hard to be Deputy.

If Brown wants to solidfy the region, Penny Webster the former Rodney Mayor is a possibility. Also Penny Hulse former Waitakere Deputy Mayor.

The committee chairs will also be of interest – will they all go to the left, or will they be shared around? I suspect Brown’s leadership style is to be collegial and make sure some go to those on the right – Cameron Brewer might pick something up? Also George Wood the former North Shore Mayor.

A related issue is who will become team leader for C&R? Could it be Jami-Lee Ross? As he is from the former Manukau City, that would help show they are not just Auckland City based.

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