Your tax cuts

On budget  Day I blogged:

The tax rate changes from 1 October 2010 are:

  • Up to $14K – tax rate goes from 12.5% to 10.5%
  • $14K to $48K – tax rate goes from 21.0% to 17.5%
  • $48K to $70K – tax rate goes from 33.0% to 30.0%
  • $70K+ – tax rate goes from 38.0% to 33.0%

Workers earning around the average full-time wage ($40K to $48k) will, over 18 months, have had their top marginal tax rate go from 33% to 17.5% – almost halved.

Two thirds of the “cost” of tax cuts goes to reducing bottom two rates and 73% of income earners will have a top tax rate of 17.5%. You keep 82.5% of every extra hour you work.

And the reduction at each income bracket:

As I commented at the time, the reductions are pretty even, as a percentage of existing tax paid.

And this takes into account the likely impact on prices with the GST increase.

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