MEAA refuses to allow Jackson to attend meeting

NZPA report:

Sir Peter Jackson offered to go to an actors’ union meeting last night called over the Hobbit dispute, but was turned down.

Spada had attempted to meet with the MEAA to discuss actors’ terms and conditions for over 18 months, without success, he said.

The Hobbit’s producers – including Sir Peter – contacted the MEAA and NZ Actors Equity yesterday morning with an offer to attend the Wellington meeting in the hope of finding a solution to the dispute.

After sending several requests asking for a response, the producers were finally told “no” shortly before the meeting started.

“It is pity we were not given the chance to have a discussion with the actors, who are the party most affected by the MEAA’s actions,” Sir Peter said.

God forbid that the actors attending the meeting hear his point of view.

Oh well, when we no longer have a NZ film industry, I hope all the actors can get jobs working in cafes or something, so they don’t have to go on the dole.

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