Gang brawls at five year old’s birthday

Britton Broun at the Dom Post reports:

A brawl between gang members at a five-year-old’s birthday party led to two women attacking police and one of them biting an officer’s arm.

More than 15 police officers were needed to quell the fight that erupted outside a house in Kiwi Place, Hastings, at 10.30pm on Saturday.

Senior Sergeant Luke Shadbolt said the area was well known as a Mongrel Mob enclave, with people linked to the gang at the house. The brawl began when a guest turned up wearing a patch belonging to the rival Black Power gang.

Mr Shadbolt said the party-goers were very drunk and the brawl, involving up to 20 people, quickly spilt on to the front lawn and street.

Some adults were fighting, and others shouting them on while children of various ages were in the nearby house. …

Two women had been charged with assaulting police after one was said to have hit a male officer in the head and another bit into another officer’s arm.

The bite drew blood, requiring the officer to have the wound cleaned out and get a tetanus shot.

“It pierced the skin and you don’t know what these girls have got,” a police officer said.

The worst part isn’t even the brawl, but that the so called party for a five year old is used as an excuse for the adults to get pissed. A five year old’s party should be all about the kids, and them having fun, and the role of adults should be to supervise them – not to be getting pissed.

No doubt many of those five year olds will grow up associating alcohol with kids parties and it will just be a matter of time until they are demanding at the age of 10 that they can join the adults in getting pissed.

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