Why give mumbo jumbo space?

The Press reports:

The “sheer strength and power” of the September 4 earthquake has more than doubled the number of reported supernatural events in Canterbury, a paranormal investigator says.

I don’t believe this is treated as a news story.

Most cases related to strange noises, although one man said he had been attacked by a ghost.

Did he file a Police report? Or an ACC claim?

Heyrick said the “sheer strength and power” of the earthquake may have been responsible for the increase in paranormal activity.

The number of old buildings damaged in the earthquake may also have been a factor, he said.

It was well known among investigators that when renovations on old buildings took place, “it tends to wake up dormant spirits, and activity tends to come out of nowhere”, he said.

Well known that renovations wake up dormant spirits – I am guessing this claim is not based on peer reviewed research!

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