Corruption or Idiocy?

has breathlessly labeled as corruption the Government’s announcement of the first ultra-fast contracts.

Why? He blogged:

So, what does this look like by electorates? UFB will be rolled out to:

  • Whangarei, held by National’s Phil Heatley, with a majority of 14,663;
  • Hamilton East, held by National’s David Bennett with a majority of 8,820;
  • Hamilton West, held by National’s Tim Macindoe, with a majority of 1,618;
  • Taupo, held by National’s Louise Upston, with a majority of 6,445;
  • Taranaki-King Country, held by National’s Shane Ardern, with a majority of 15,618;
  • Tauranga, held by National’s Simon Bridges, with a majority of 11,742;
  • New Plymouth, held by National’s Jonathan Young, with a majority of 105;
  • Whanganui, held by National’s Chester Borrows, with a majority of 6,333.

So, the first thing to note is that only National-held electorates get broadband; those with Labour MPs need not apply (sorry, you voted for the wrong person and so must be punished). The second thing to note is the targeting of marginal seats New Plymouth and Hamilton West. It’d be interesting if someone who knew about IT policy used the OIA to delve into National’s rollout decision, but from here it looks like pure pork-barrel politics. And I don’t like it one bit.

Idiot/Savant is like the boy who cries wolf. He slanders so many people as corrupt, that it becomes a meaningless label. Basically it just all comes over as hysterical rants.

His idiocy was picked up and blogged by Clare Curran, but even Clare worked out what weak ground he and she were on, and later did updates backing away “before David Farrar at Kiwiblog has a go”.

I will indeed have a go at such gross stupidity, and even worse effectively slander. Where do I start.

  1. National holds every single seat outside the four main cities (which due to their size are more complex decisions) except for Palmerston North. So I guess the first contracts should have gone to Tasmania, to stop them including National held seats.
  2. Six of the eight seats listed are very safe seats with majorities over 5,000
  3. This is not a case of some areas getting funding, and some not getting funding. All medium to large urban areas will be getting to the home. This is purely an announcement of the first two contracts. Other contracts will be announced in the near future – the difference between being announced first and second is absolutely minimal.
  4. Ever heard of MMP?

Clare initially blogged:

is a crafty fellow. But even he will overplay his hand one of these days.

Then later as she realised every non metro seat bar Palmie is national held:

Oh and before David Farrar at Kiwiblog has a go and points out that Labour holds only Palmerston North of the general electorates outside the metropolitan centres, that’s true. But it would have been smart for the government to think about this. Instead it doesn’t look so good.

So Steven in the one blog post goes from the too crafty manipulator of funding to National seats to being not very smart for not thinking about the look. He can’t win can he!

Frankly I am sure Steven didn’t spend one second thinking about electorate boundaries with the contracts, and am personally very pleased with that.

Oh and here’s one for the conspiracy nutters. 25% of NZers will not be covered by the UFB initiative. And pretty much 100% of them live in National held seats. So 100% of people in Labour seats will get UFB and only around 65% of people in National sears. Yes, obviously pork barrel politics.

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