IQ tests for candidates

AAP report:

The Queensland opposition leader says it’s entirely appropriate that hoping to run for his party take intelligence tests.

Would-be Liberal National Party candidates are being given New Age intelligence tests to gauge if they are smart enough to be politicians.

The psychometric tests specifically measure aptitude, rather than concentrating on personality traits.

Psychometric tests are also used by big businesses and measure a person’s ability to think quickly and employ their knowledge from past experiences.

Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said the tests would mean better leaders for the state.

“I make absolutely no apologies for trying to get the best possible LNP candidates for the next state election,” Langbroek said in a statement.

“The aptitude tests are the same type of testing that many companies use when hiring their executives and it’s entirely appropriate that we do everything we can to give the people of Queensland the best possible representatives.”

I think this is a great idea. Parties need to be more professional with candidate selection.

As well as IQ and psychometric testing, I’d also make it compulsory for would be candidates to take the political compass test, to ensure they are in the right party!

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